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General Graduation Requirements

All HTDHS students may earn a Certificate of Graduation recognized by the National Association of Independent Democratic Schools by attaining the age of 16, completing two years at HTDHS, and completing the following two graduation requirements:

1) Portfolio: Students complete a portfolio containing evidence that they are prepared for their next step as adults in society.

2) Personal Mission Statement: This is a one page summary about who the student is, what their learning process has been through high school, and how the student has prepared for life after graduation.

Graduation Committee
The graduate presents his or her work before a committee comprised of teachers, community mentors, and fellow students. The committee determines whether Harriet Tubman Democratic High School will award the student a certificate of graduation.

*These HDHS graduation requirements may be altered based on school consensus

NYS Diploma Requirements

If a student chooses to earn a NYS Diploma in addition to our Certificate of Graduation, they must fulfill the state dictated requirements. At this time, they include, but may not be limited to:

1) 18.5 Units of Credit:

4 units of English
4 units of Social Studies
2 units of Science
2 units of Mathematics
1 unit of Art or Music
.5 unit of Health Education
2 units of Physical Education
3 units of Elective Studies

2) Standardized Exams:

Reading and Writing (RCT or Regents)
Mathematics (RCT or Regents multiple exams)
Science (RCT or Regents multiple exams)
US History and Government (RCT or Regents)
Global Studies (RCT or Regents)
Foreign Language (Regents)

3) Course Sequences:

See staff for details

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    Harriet Tubman Democratic High School is the only democratic educational institution for teens in the Capital District. We offer a supportive and personal learning environment for young adults from diverse backgrounds. Our staff strives to teach young adults how to think for themselves by encouraging critical discussions and respecting student input into their educational process. Our students learn self-motivation and, in the process, discover independence and self-reliance.

    HTDHS is a not-for-profit private school. We are committed to maintaining a diverse learning community. Scholarships are available and no one is turned away simply for lack of funds. Please see our Admissions tab for more information.

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